Private Workshop/Class Options


 Read these short descriptions of our class & workshop options!…


  • Cheese & Wine Pairing Class: We provide several cheesy appetizer bites paired with the perfect wine for guests to enjoy. In this class, participants will experience decadent cheese and wine pairings while creating memories with the company around them.


  • Cheese Tasting Class: In this class, guests will sample twelve different cheeses from around the world. This class allows everybody to expand their cheese palette in a fun and exciting way while gaining knowledge on each individual cheese. 


  • Charcuterie Cup Building Workshop: In this workshop, guests will learn the art of building the perfect charcuterie cup from ingredients, assembly and design. Participants start with a blank canvas and finish with a delicious charcuterie cup to enjoy. 


  • Charcuterie Board Building Workshop: In this workshop, you not only get to pick your custom engraved wooden board, but  you will learn the 5 must-haves for creating a charcuterie masterpiece, the in and outs of board making, and also gain knowledge on the right ingredients. Enjoy taste testing cheese from around the world while you create. You will leave empowered in your board making capabilities with a piece of edible art to devour later at home. We won’t judge you if you don’t share with the family! ;)


  • Butter Board & Wine Pairing Class: In this class, we provide a selection of butter and cheeses adorned with creative toppings. Yes! You read that right…but trust us, it’s a hit! Perfectly paired wines will accompany the flavors so your guests’ taste buds can experience a magical journey!


 These are the 5 classes we offer and we are able to tailor them to any event you are hosting. We can’t wait to host with you!