All About B


Let me introduce you to who you are supporting when you make a purchase from Boards by B – a woman-owned small business. I built my clientele and my reputation one cheese board at a time!

I’m Brittany: aka The Gouda Goddess: aka B.

My hope is that when you eat, gift, or receive one of my charcuterie boards, that you smile and enjoy the experience in every bite, and my mission is to pay attention to the little details so that you can enjoy the big moment!

Wanna know more about me? Read my story below:

It’s crazy now to think of how this journey unfolded. I was a teacher and softball coach for 12 years before I fulfilled my dream of being a business owner. I’ve always had the entrepreneurial itch and I love the thrill that being a business owner brings.

In June 2021, a dear friend asked if I would create a charcuterie board across her island. Without hesitation, I said yes. We spent hours shopping and my creation became the star of the show and was a huge hit that evening! It was at that party (where I had a Truly can in one hand and cheese in the other) that Boards by B was born. With the encouragement of my circle of friends/family, I stepped out to follow my true passion of becoming a business owner.

A few days later, I created a post on Facebook for Father’s Day weekend offering up charcuterie boards. I sold 12 within hours and my business was officially born!

For the next year, I was a teacher by day and the Gouda Goddess on nights and weekends until I was able to fully rely on myself and my business. I made this leap in June of 2022 when I said goodbye to teaching/coaching and hello to a new chapter. This journey has been beautifully challenging in the most rewarding way! The Boards by B brand has expande to include custom cookies, interactive workshops, business/corporation branding, and gifting.

Although it hasn’t always been easy, the freedom that this decision has brought is truly life changing. If you follow me on social media, you’ll see that I advocate for everyone to “always bet on yourself”…. because if you don’t do it, no one else will!

Another fun fact about me is that I’m a licensed financial educator. As a former school teacher, I know this stuff is not taught in school. I believe that everyone deserves to know how money truly works so that they can do two things: get their money working hard for them, and stop over paying for taxation. It’s crazy how important it is; it’s not about what you make, it’s about what you keep! I guess you could say I just like CHEDDAR–whether that’s in your wallet or on your charcuterie board!

There is something special about bringing people together over good food and drinks. I hope you can feel my passion for my business and my products through this message and know I’m grateful for the support of my clients. I’ll always go above and beyond!

It doesn’t get any CHEDDAR than this!